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Eye Shades with Strap

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Grampa’s Garden Eye Shades help to keep out the light for a more restful sleep and increased relaxation.

Great for travel.

Made with soft and cozy cotton or satin fabric.

Trimmed with piping.

Size: 4″ x 8.5″.

Hand washable.

There are several benefits to wearing a comfortable sleep mask:

  1. Improved sleep quality: Sleep masks may block out distractions such as light and noise, which may help you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest.

  2. Eye protection: Sleep masks may help protect your eyes from harmful blue light, which is emitted by screens such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs.

  3. Relaxation: Sleep masks may create a feeling of relaxation and calmness, which may help you relax and unwind before bedtime.

  4. Facial skin care: Sleep masks may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as they may help to smooth and hydrate the skin around the eyes.

  5. Headache relief: Sleep masks may provide relief for those who suffer from headaches or migraines, as they may help to block out light and reduce stress on the eyes.

  6. Travel convenience: Sleep masks are a convenient and comfortable way to block out light when you are traveling on an airplane or in a car, allowing you to sleep even when you are on the go.

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