• GreenAir SpaVapor Pro Diffuser

The SpaVapor Pro circulates your favorite essential oils in the air as long as you need them. This adaptable diffuser is perfect for scheduling an environment personalized to your aromatherapy and wellness needs.

• Size: 4” x 4” x 6”

• Capacity: 200ml

• Run time: up to 6 hours

• Operating Modes: Continuous/ Off

• Light Modes: Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off

• Color change: blue, green, purple, red

• Coverage: 1,000sq ft

• Timer: Continuous, 1 and 2 hours

GreenAir SpaVapor Pro Diffuser

MSRP: $49.99

  • Brand: GreenAir
  • Product Code: DIF-SpaVaporPro
  • Availability: 2-3 Days