This two-layered mask has an opening at the bottom to add a filter material if needed.

Place the mask snugly around the nose and mouth with folds facing down. Adjust nose piece to fit.

Straps are adjustable.
Wash in warm water and tumble dry before using. Wash between uses.

100% Cotton

The Federal CDC recommends that anyone going out into public wear a face covering to help slow the spread of Covid-19. 


Disclaimer: This mask is not intended to prevent the contraction of communicable viruses or diseases by the wearer. This mask is not intended to be used in a medical setting or any place where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. This mask does not contain carbon filters.

3D Cloth Face Covering Masks

Available Options

Qty text_image 3D Masks - Size & Fabric text_price
Black - Small - (Children 7-11)
Blueberries - Small - (Children 7-11)
Batik Green - Small - (Children 7-11)
Batik Floral (Orange-Red) - Small - (Children 7-11)
Batik Turtle - Small - (Children 7-11)
Luna - Small - (Children 7-11)
Bright Cats - Small - (Children 7-11)
Black - Medium - Women and Teens
Blueberries - Medium - Women and Teens
Batik Green - Medium - Women and Teens
Floral Batik (Orange-Red) - Medium - Women and Teens
Batik Turtle - Medium - Women and Teens
Luna - Medium - Women and Teens
Bright Cats - Medium - Women and Teens
Black - Large - Men
Blueberries - Large - Men
Batik Green - Large - Men
Floral Batik - Large - Men
Batik Turtle - Large - Men
Luna - Large - Men
Bright Cats - Large - Men